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Sunday, April 13, 2014
More about scholarships
Is there a High School
Junior In Your Life?
Winners are randomly drawn and will be notified by November 14, 2014.
Each $1,000 check will be mailed directly to the college of their choice.
There is no better way to help the youth of the Fraternity than to offer
them the opportunity to further their education, and that is exactly
what the R. Robert Dale Scholarship is all about.
The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible
for the R. Robert Dale Scholarship.
The applicant must:
Be a student in the high school graduating Class of 2015
Have a father, mother, step-parent, grandparent or legal guardian
who is a paid up member of the Moose (Applicant is NOT required
to reside in the same household)
Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 (C+) or higher or higher
on a 4.0 scale
Send the completed application by the deadline (application must be
completed in its entirety to be valid)
The application can be found in the Members Area of www.mooseintl.org.
Click on Activities located on the far left of the page, then R. Robert Da
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Administrator's Message
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How many times have you read this scream needing your assistance? If you are like me; probably too many times to recall. We get these requests to support this and that cause on the TV screen, over the radio, and in all kinds of junk mail. But seriously YOUR LODGE, Hillsdale Moose Lodge 921, really needs your support.
We received our Charter from Moose International over 71 years ago and have survived this long only because of HELP from our membership. Help means a lot more than money or donations; it can be just attending a meeting once a month, or catching the District meeting when it is in town just twice a year. Other ways to help your Lodge could be working the parking lot or kitchen during Fair week or other important events. Showing up and enjoying the Free Community Dinner in December is Helping to Support your Lodge.
As always we do need your financial support as well. Please, take part in Tuesday Tacos, Thursday Burger Night, and our new Friday Night Buffet’s, these events are one of the few revenue sources that we have. Coming up November 30th T-N-T the popular entertainers will put on a 4 hour show right here in your Lodge. The cover charge for this show is $10.00, but you if add another ten bucks, and you will get a delicious Prime Rib Dinner.
Speaking of Prime Rib dinners, don’t forget our New Year’s Eve Celebration. Help your Lodge by purchasing your $50.00 (only 50 for sale) raffle ticket. You could win the $500.00 big prize, plus you will get a Prime Rib Dinner and free drinks during the drawing, and then be entertained well into 2014 by “Bones” and his Country Gold Band. Dinner and dance tickets are available for $25.00.
You can also help your Lodge by helping yourself. Get on-line, and go to the Michigan Moose.org website then click on the members benefits tab. There are many ways for you to save money as a Moose Member. Using these programs not only saves you money but the Moose also receives a dividend from your participation.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Years
Al Eady, Administrator

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